Crooked River Forge, LLC

Modern Cutlery with Rustic Appeal.... 

2020 Books are now Closed! As of 9/29/2020 Any orders placed after this date will most likely ship after the New Year in 2021....
Moving forward, my current plan is to make whatever blades I can an post them when completed for purchase. I will not be accepting any custom orders until further notice. Thanks so much for all the support, cannot thank you all enough!

Forged in Fire Champion!

Quail Slayer

A fixed blade EDC with Style and Function....

Sparrow EDC

An Every Day Carry Knife with Style

Trucker Santoku Chef

Designed for Close Quarters Food Truck Service

Western French Chef

A must have for every kitchen

Custom content

Functional Works or Art....

No matter how you skin it, slice it, dice it, or chop it, I have an artistic approach to every blade I make that is not only beautiful, but also completely functional.

Custom content

Valley Spotlight

I was recently featured on a local TV program called the Valley Spotlight, I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me and where I came from. If you like what you see here, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me as I continue my journey. Your support is what makes all this possible and I cannot thank you all enough!

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Contact me....

If you have any questions about products, services or my processes, please feel free to get in touch with me via the info here.