Crooked River Forge A.P.O.C.

Crooked River Forge A.P.O.C.

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The Crooked River Forge Apocalyptic Bowie, AKA, the APOC! If you’re looking for a blade that will help get you through the apocalypse, or a weekend in the woods, this is the blade for you!  Weather your chopping down trees for a shelter or hacking off the head of a Zombie, you’ll be able to both in style! It customs with a hand stitched leather sheath as part of the package. If you're looking for a knife to brag about, look no further!

NOTE: There are two versions of this blade currently, the Original Harpoon Tip and the Clip Point. Please Choose the correct blade style when ordering! 

Steel 80CRV2

10” Blade

16” Overall